LabDogs.Org is a new IRS-approved, non-profit organization. Our mission is to connect homeless Labrador Retrievers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with those that wish to provide loving homes. Towards that end, we wish to identify and keep-in-contact with as many lab-friendly persons or families in the Metroplex as possible.

Your contact information will not be given away, shared or sold with any other. Why do we want your name and contact information … assuming you’re a Labrador-lover?

Step 1: To obtain as many local contacts as possible of like-minded folks.

Step 2: To ask those people to tell their friends about our group and website.

Step 3: To notify group members about organized events and local labs-in-need.

Many Labrador Retrievers (“Supply”) need help. They are with owners that can no longer care for them. Others are in shelters or are lost. The lucky ones find loving homes, but many never do and pass on when their lives have just begun. Tens of thousands of persons (“Demand”) in the Dallas Metroplex are willing to help but they’re not aware of the problem nor are they in contact with the persons that have the labs-in-need. The Supply isn’t connected to the Demand. The focus of is in identifying the Demand-side of the equation so that we can better help the ample and needy Supply-side.

Currently in progress is a professionally designed, database-driven website to help with the above-mentioned connections. foster volunteers will have a place to showcase their labs, as will other lab foster parents from other groups (we’re not “territorial”, we just want to help labs). Owner surrenders will be able to post pictures and descriptions of their friends on our site. A Lost & Found area will also help our four-legged friends get back home. LabBlogs and LabForum sections will allow people to freely communicate. In sum, we wish to build an online community of DFW Labrador Retriever owners & lovers so that we can, in an organized manner, help local Labradors.

If you are interested in the team and/or if you just love Labrador Retrievers, please give us your contact information and tell others about the group. There is power in numbers!

For more information or to tell us more about yourself, please email to: